Julie Steiff, Board Member

Current Term: 2023 – 2025, first term

• Licensed Psychologist and Consultant in Organizational and Community Leadership
• Senior Trainer/Senior Design Team for the Blandin Rural Community Leadership Program/Blandin Foundation
• M.S., L.P., Psychology/Community Counseling, Licensed Psychologist

I have lived and worked in the Brainerd Lakes Area for over 44 years.  I am a past member of the Minnesota Chorale and the Legacy Chorale, and was one of the early board members of the Lakes Area Concert Series shortly after moving to Brainerd in 1978. I have participated in various other Lakes Area community boards and volunteer activities and have a passion for creating and building healthy rural communities, both through my work and through volunteerism. I have seen first-hand the ability of music to heal not only individuals, but also contribute to the healing of communities. I believe that the Lakes Area Music Festival has made an invaluable contribution to this effort, not only by promoting the arts in our community, but also by providing an opportunity for our community to come together—to be better neighbors—around our shared interest and for our common community good.