Gleb Kanasevich, Clarinet

Gleb Kanasevich is a clarinetist, composer, and noise/drone musician. He currently works primarily with feedback and modified instruments, while exploring expressive possibilities in very simple electronic processing. As of July, 2022, he is a permanent member of Hub New Music. He also works often as a soloist and collaborates with composers, other chamber music groups, improvisers, noise musicians, death metal bands, and many more types of artists. In 2020, he founded a small independent label Unknown Tapes, dedicated to showcasing work by artists whose work deals with spontaneous music making regardless of genre. His blackened noise album Asleep (Unknown Tapes) and the immersive 45-minute Subtraction (Flag Day Recordings) came out to critical acclaim in 2019.

Most recently, he was commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain, Callithumpian Consort, Ah Young Hong, and No Exit New Music Ensemble. In 2020, he released a new improvisation project for modified recorder and guitar amplifiers Capacity. It came out as a very limited edition of 20 lathe cut vinyl records with unique hand-drawn sleeves in July, 2020. Capacity has been survived by fully composed follow-up works for cello (written for Peter Kibbe, commissioned by NakedEye Ensemble) and bass clarinet (scheduled for a 2021 premiere by Ashley Smith, commissioned through Cultural Council of Australia).

Since 2013, he has been a core member of Ensemble Cantata Profana – a group based in New York City. After four years of co-directing Cantata Profana with Jacob Ashworth, he was named the ensemble's Acting Artistic Director in July, 2022. From 2016 until Spring, 2019, Kanasevich also worked as a curator/video maker for the online new music database and audio/video/score resource ScoreFollower/Incipitsify.


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