Tribute to the Earth

BEDŘICH SMETANA:“The Moldau” from Má vlast (My Fatherland)
JIMMY LÓPEZ BELLIDO:Pago a la Tierra [world premiere]
JEAN SIBELIUS:Symphony No. 2 in D Major
Ticket registration available in early June.

The “Pago a la Tierra” (tribute to the earth) is an ancient Andean ritual of thanksgiving for nature’s bounty. We open our 14th annual season with a tribute to earth, water, and spirit featuring a world premiere by Peruvian-American composer Jimmy López Bellido followed by Jean Sibelius’ masterful Second Symphony, inspired by the Apennine mountains of Italy.

Featured Artists

Christian Reif
Music Director
Jimmy López Bellido

COVID Protocols:

COVID safety protocols for the summer season will be adjusted accordingly as the season approaches and communicated to all ticket holders.

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