7:30PM, Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Valerie Coleman:Requiem Milonga
Caroline Shaw:By and By
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:Wind Serenade No. 11 in E-flat Major
Post-concert:Join us immediately following the concert for a wine reception in the Blackbox Theater.

Valerie Coleman and Caroline Shaw are two of the great living American composers. Coleman’s Requiem Milonga offers a haunting, mournful vignette, while Shaw’s By and By uses texts and textures from southern Appalachian folk music to create an ecstatic meditation on death and the afterlife. Mozart’s Wind Serenade in E-flat then brings us from death to rebirth, with a solemn fanfare leading to cheerful Minuets, an intimately expressive Adagio, and festive finale.

Featured Artists

Ravenna Lipchik
Violin, Shattered Glass
Suliman Tekalli
Olivia Chew
Viola, Seattle Symphony
Austin Fisher
Cello, Chicago Freelance
John Taylor Ward
Alicia McQuerrey
Flute, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Henry Kramer
Piano, Avery Fisher Career Grant
Titus Underwood
Oboe, Nashville Symphony
Kevin Pearl
Oboe, Milwaukee Symphony
Gabriel Campos Zamora
Clarinet, Minnesota Orchestra
JJ Koh
Clarinet, Madison Symphony
Catherine Chen
Bassoon, Milwaukee Symphony
Vincent Karamanov
Bassoon, St. Louis Symphony
Jaclyn Rainey
Horn, Atlanta Symphony
Dominic Rotella
Horn, Richmond Symphony

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This concert is sponsored in part by Bercher Design & Construction, The Tea Spot, and John Sullivan