COVID Policy and Protocols

We look forward to welcoming you to our concerts! When you reserve your tickets for the festival you’ll be required to adhere to these current safety protocols as well as any protocols implemented by the Front of House staff on-site at each event. After our experience this past summer, LAMF plans to proceed with a Winter Series, adopting emerging industry standards for concert protocols. Through these precautions we aim to ensure the highest degree of safety during the ongoing health crisis.

Please read carefully and come prepared! There will be no exceptions to the following, and on behalf of our entirely-volunteer front of house team we thank you for your understanding and compliance.


  • Masking: Masks will be required at all LAMF events, to be worn over your nose and mouth for the duration of the concert. We strongly recommend N-95 masks, and will have them available for audience use as needed.
  • Seating capacity: LAMF will be operating at reduced seating capacity (for the winter, we estimate that will be at about 30% capacity). Tickets will need to be reserved ahead of time to enable this, and to ensure that we have contact information in order to convey the most up to date safety information for our performances.
  • Distancing: We ask that you continue to practice social distancing when on-site at LAMF events and be respectful of the varying comfort levels of our patrons. Limited seating capacity and sectioning at performances will ensure distanced seating options. Additionally, for concerts in Brainerd, the balcony of the Gichi-ziibi Center will be reserved for patrons who are immunocompromised or those who would prefer extra distancing options.
  • Performances: Most performances will be 60-80 minutes in length with no intermission in order to ensure limited mingling about the space. (*One exception will be the concerts on our Beethoven cycle in March, each of which will include an intermission.)
  • If you are feeling sick on the day of the concert, please stay home out of concern for other attendees. We will look forward to welcoming you at our next performance! If you made a donation when you registered for your tickets, we would be happy to return your gift upon request; contact or call 218-275-5263.
  • If you have questions or concerns about these protocols, please contact Executive Director Scott Lykins for clarification: These protocols have been created by the LAMF staff and board of directors, based on federal and state health guidelines and through research on what other organizations and venues are doing to keep their audiences safe.


  • All performers engaged for the 21/22 Winter Series have been vaccinated and will have submitted proof of their vaccination to LAMF.
  • Prior to travel to Minnesota or starting rehearsals, all artists will show proof of a negative PCR test.
  • All artists will undergo a rapid antigen test on the day of every performance.
  • Because the 21/22 Winter Series features small ensembles (1-4 performers), with these protocols in place artists may perform without masks if they are comfortable. In this case, the first 3 rows of each venue will be left vacant for more distancing.

We acknowledge that our performances are spread out throughout the year, giving us opportunities to continue to review and revise as the situation evolves and as new information becomes available regarding COVID-19 and its variants. LAMF will monitor changes in guidelines closely and continue to adjust decisions to prioritize everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Please continue to check this page for updates.

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